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Photo courtesy of Paul Oxtoby

Tegel Airport

Is the main international airport in Berlin. It lies in Tegel, a section of the northern borough of Reinickendorf, some five miles north west of the city centre of Berlin.

The airport is notable for its hexagonal terminal building around an open square, which makes for walking distances as short as 98 feet from the aircraft to the terminal exit. In 2010, the airport served just over 15 million passengers, making it by far the biggest airport serving Berlin & the fourth busiest airport in Germany.

Tegel is a hub for Air Berlin, & serves as focus city for Lufthansa. Additionally, it is the most important base for the charter business of Germania. The two dominant operators, Air Berlin & Lufthansa, each handle around 30% of the scheduled commercial flights.

Photo courtesy of Paul Oxtoby

Despite huge publicity that Brandenburg Airport would become Berlin’s main airport in 2012, massive problems have beset the new airport, leaving Tegel to continue until October 2013 at the earliest.

Although the airport is somewhat dated & can be greatly overcrowded at times, due to the delay in opening Brandenburg, it is still a brilliant airport to spot from.

A roof terrace offers spectacular views of the runways, as they are right in front of you, so you will not miss anything. It offers brilliant photographic opportunities, as you can see from the examples shown here.

Access to the viewing terrace is easy as it can be found just outside the terminal entrance, adjacent to the cafe, which is housed in a renovated railway carriage. You will need to pay a €2 entrance fee & also go through a security check. There are no facilities on the terrace, so you will need to return to the ground level. However, be warned, the €2 fee is payable each time you re-enter.

Photo courtesy of Paul Oxtoby

The viewing area is opened from 0800 to 2000 during the summer months, & from 1000 to 1600 during wintertime.

Please be advised that if there is snow & ice around, the area will be closed.

All in all, an excellent airport to view aircraft close up.


Mercure Tegel

Photo courtesy of Dan

Having stayed at this hotel, it is located less than five minutes away from the terminal building, via a free hotel shuttle bus transfer.

Certain rooms overlook the apron at one end of the terminal & also part of the runway, allowing for the majority of movements to be seen. If you possess an SBS, all arrivals & departures can be monitored.


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