Findel Airport


The new terminal here at Luxembourg Findel has been open now for a few years & is much better than the one it replaced, however, there are no dedicated spotting facilities (surprise, surprise).

There are limited views from the left side of the terminal as you stand in front of it but too many obstructions to the right of the terminal. If you go inside & proceed upstairs to the restaurant, it overlooks the entire main apron & you should be able to take decent shots through the glass.

I have never encountered any problems here but obviously, if you intend to hang around then it would be prudent & courteous to at least buy a drink.

It’s not very easy here to read off visiting GA/biz jets & all but impossible to find any location around the perimeter in order to read anything off on the residents apron. Until 2010 it was possible to get a view of this apron & the Luxembourg Air Rescue hangars, by driving up to the fence in your car. However, this area has now been blocked off to any vehicular access but you can still walk to the fence. To reach this area, it is within walking distance from the terminal but easier with a car, turn left from the terminal & turn left again at the third set of traffic lights & park up in the car park.

Also, when you are stopped here, there is a view looking back towards the GA area in the top left hand corner of the car park, up a small grass banking. The Police station is located in this area but don’t worry, they are used to spotters! This spot is also handy for taxiing shots but you will need small stepladders to get the best shots.

Another view to be had is to turn left out of this area to the second set of traffic lights, turn left here and it brings you to a former long stay car park. You can sit here & watch the Runway 06 arrivals & also take decent pictures here. If you look back towards the terminal area then there is a limited view towards the residents GA apron.

A good view of the airport is also available from the other side of the airport. Turn left out of the airport until you come to a roundabout, take the fifth exit. Up the hill to the next roundabout, take the third exit, this takes you past the new Cargolux hangar. Carry on down this road past the shops, as the road goes downhill & bends to the right, there is a left turn here with an sign for the Military memorial, take this. One hundred metres up this road & you will have a half decent view of most of the airport but more importantly, a view of the VIP GA area which is not possible to see from the terminal side, you will need a decent scope or bins to read them off though.

Lastly, to view landings at the Runway 24 end turn right out of the terminal, take the first exit onto the motorway sign posted Trier, come off at the next exit, sign posted for the Cargo terminal, second exit off the roundabout & first left brings you to a grassy knoll.

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Airport information & picture, courtesy of Clive Hindmarch

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